Posture & Body Alignment Program

·      Eliminate chronic pains
·      Improve awareness of correct posture
·      Increase flexibility
·      Improve spine alignment
·      Strengthen back and core muscle
·      Improve leg alignment

Slim & Tone program

·      Build an elegant bodyline
·      Firm and strengthen muscles without bulk.
·      Boost stamina
·      Tone your body for specific dresses or
·      occasion.
·      Firm and flatten stomach

Weight Loss program


·      A smart mix of cardiovascular and muscle
·      exercise
·      Lose body fat more efficiently
·      Reduce joint pains during exercise
·      Manage heart problem, high blood pressure,
·      diabetes and other obesity related
·      conditions.

Rehabilitation program

·      Regain strength after injures or surgeries in
·      a shorter time frame
·      Regain motion range
·      Prevent future injuries

Pre/Post – natal

·      Help adapt to your growing body
·      Reduce mood swings
·      Strengthen pelvic floor muscles
·      Easier pregnancy and delivery
·      Reduce pregnancy back pain
·      Safe way to get back in shape after delivery
·      Stabilize lower back-pelvic region after
·      delivery

Golf Pilates program


·      Improve flow of motion
·      Strengthen core and increase the range of
·      spinal rotation
·      Stabilize shoulder girdle and pelvis
·      Increase endurance of golf muscles
·      Increase flexibility and reduce muscle
·      fatigue

Kids and Teens program


·      Keeps children fit and active
·      Promote correct posture
·      Stimulate growth and physical development
·      Help with weight loss or weight gain
·      Increase health conscious

Barre Fitness


·      Improve Posture
·      Fun cardio group exercise with music
·      Stimulate growth and physical development
·      Make firm and sexy legs

 We encourage taking the first try out session and consulting with the instructors for the suitable session & packages.

Apply for your first try out at The Pilatest. Please tell us if you have history of injuries within a year, current physical pains or chronic conditions in details.


Our trainings sessions are focused on 1 & 1 Pilates, Duo and Group Session.

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